Devon & Cornwall Police conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by FRAUDULENT report to CPS
by Detective Inspector Colin DRAPER, offences at Caradon District Council.
Alan Hartridge, 5 Victoria Ter, Liskeard, PL14 4DL, falsified planning committee minutes, and more.
A nasty, lying little shit, solicitor, Michael Tolley, wrote reports so blatantly untrue, "LIAR & PERJURER" broke him.
D&CP Special Branch destroyed me.
So I created (R)evolution concept.

Public Challenge to Devon & Cornwall Police


Police uphold "our" laws.

In theory,
police obey those same laws.

In practice,
we all know police frequently break laws,
the system is institutionally-opposed to police facing justice.

This produces a mindset
where police believe that they can get away with almost anything,
because almost everyone can be "got at",
and terrorised into silence.

This applies to most MPs and councillors,
"democracy" a hollow word
as soon as anything goes wrong.

This is how the system really works.

This means a huge double standard is in place,
causing vast harm to society,
almost everyone knows someone
who has been shafted by police lies and criminality.

At their best,
police are magnificent,
at their worst,
police are a catastrophic menace to society -

a black mafia hiding behind closed doors.

A mafia backed by violence and fear of violence,
guarded by complex, expensive, and grindingly slow law,
which covers up systemic dishonesty on a grand scale.

Police are very rarely proven to be lying scumbags
because the system gives them several key advantages,
"justice" is loaded from Day One.

You can know a certain fact,
and possess the proof,
and both you and police know it's true,
but they can claim "privilege",
which means a court will deafen it's ears to The Truth
by refusing to listen at all.

Understand that,
and you understand why bad police run rampant.

One very rare occasions,
police slip up on a banana skin,
something so outrageously blatant happens,
the police become vulnerable.

Of course,
everyone closes ranks to protect police,
because faith in the police would be undermined
( they think)
if it was ever proven that police are criminals themselves.

My case is utterly simple.

I discovered concrete evidence
that Alan Hartridge,
chief planner at former Caradon District Council,
falsified planning committee minutes,
reversed by deceit a 16 to nil committee deision in my favour
to a refusal based upon blatant lies,

a massive cover-up took place,
organised by Michael Tolley,
solicitor to Caradon.

So solid was the evidence,
although too terrified of Hartridge to begin with,
District Councillor Tony Knott of Calstock
swore an affidavit against his own council.

Once I was safely destroyed by police,
Hartridge destroyed Knott by bulldozing his home to the ground
in blatant revenge.

That no-one dares put that right,
demonstrates the ineffectiveness of existing democracy.

Two other councillors,
Callington's Roger Screech and Jeremy Gist,
put their names in The Public Interest
to a private prosecution of Michael Tolley,

which Liskeard Magistrates refused to acknowledge.

They ignored it totally.

None of those councillors would have backed Tim Wilmot,
unless they were absolutely certain
that Tim Wilmot was correct.

It is vital you remember
that those three councillors backed Tim Wilmot
BEFORE Tim Wilmot gained possession of the D&CP report to CPS,
which proves beyond doubt police criminality.

Within that report was an evidence file
that demonstrates perversion of the course of justice.

Police throughout obstructed and blocked Tim Wilmot,
and there are some extremely serious charges
that Tim Wilmot lays against police:-


1. that armed police
were deployed to assist Caradon District Council
at a time they were in great peril legally,
in a failed attempt
"persuade" Tim Wilmot to resubmit to authority,
and let Caradon off the hook.


2. that when Tim Wilmot complained to D&CP force HQ
about the policy of general obstruction,
an initial assessment was made by an Inspector Weymouth,
who was with Tim Wilmot for less than an hour,
and said:-

"This stinks!

I will recommend to the Chief Constable
that the case be reopened!"

As Inspector Weymouth
1. said the above, and
2. an investigation was opened,
Tim Wilmot would like to state
that Inspector Weymouth clearly was A Man of His Word.


3. Detective Inspector Colin Draper investigated,
and sat across a table from Tim Wilmot for two whole days.

Detective inspectors are expensive assets,
so you can be certain
that if there were no truth whatsoever
( as police allege )
in any of Tim Wilmot's allegations,
Draper would not have spent that much time.

Draper left saying:-

"When I get to Caradon,
that is when the lying will start!"

As Draper had given the impression of being honest,
Tim Wilmot had no idea
that Draper was refering to himself.

Maybe at the time Draper genuinely meant what he said,
and was "got at" later,
or he was lying at the time,


4. Draper's report to the Crown Prosecution Service
is a privileged docuement
( i.e. normally visible ONLY to police and CPS ).

Knowing that Tim Wilmot would never see his report,
Draper failed to mention
every single point of danger to Caradon District Council,
and displayed Tim Wilmot as a "lone nut".

Put simply,
Draper's report was a deliberate lie from beginning to end -
a fraudulent exercise
that set out to pervert the course of justice.

This allegation alone,

utterly destroys the reputation of Devon & Cornwall Police,
and requires immediate and transparent attention,
at the very highest level.


Both Tim Wilmot and D&CP knew
that Caradon's solicitor, Michael Tolley, was a liar.

As it became clear that Draper's investigation was corrupt,
Tim Wilmot set out to break Michael Tolley
with nothing more than The Truth:-


Tim Wilmot succeeded,
unable to cover-up The Truth through civil litigation,

or through his pals in the police,
was reduced to the level of a common lout,
using aerosol cans of paint
to attack Tim Wilmot,
cover-up the words LIAR & PERJURER!

Tim Wilmot privately prosecuted Tolley,
resulting in
Tolley's conviction under the Public Order Act.


6. Detective Inspector Colin Draper was present at the court,
and witnessed Tolley's conviction.

Soon afterwards,
a Special Branch superintendent took over at Liskeard.

Tim Wilmot suggests
a high-level decision was made at force HQ at Middlemoor
to destroy Tim Wilmot.

This means that
very senior police officers
were engaged in a criminal conspiracy

to stifle The Truth about Caradon District Council crimes,
and deal with the threat Tim Wilmot's truth posed
to the reputation of both Caradon and police.

Put simply,
Tim Wilmot was a major target.


7. the
superintendent blackmailed Tim Wilmot's father,
using him as a weapon against Tim Wilmot.

Here is how Tim Wilmot sees it:-

As a result of massive pressure over many months from his father,
who had a pressing need to see his son quit making allegations,
Tim Wilmot twice safely turned his frustration
upon an inanimate object -
a bucket -
kicked hell out of it for 30 SECONDS -
stating a few choice words about the criminals
who were destroying his life,
with the aid of the police -
and then continued teaching himself law.

Tim Wilmot suggests
that far from indicating an extremely dangerous man,
warranting a charge of "Threats to Kill",
it is indicative of a man with a very high self-discipline,
who is able to retain that self disipline,
even under massive pressure and provocation
( which were certainly pressing every single button ),
and was teaching himself law.

Just ask yourself how many untrained people,
attacked by both council and police,
draft and serve six writs for civil litigation
against that council?

Or successfully privately prosecutes the council solicitor
under the Public Order Act,
standing utterly peacefully with The Truth on a placard -
as he is attacked no less than four times in a public place
by a pillar of the administration's legal system?

One might ask
why police did not immediately arrest Michael Tolley,
but we know the answer -
he was one of them!

Here is how Tim Wilmot's father saw it:-

Primed by the Special Branch superintendent
that Tim Wilmot was actually or potentially "mental",
and fearful that police would activate their threat,
and Section Tim Wilmot under the Mental Health Act,
nothing would satisfy Tim Wilmot's father,
except Tim Wilmot's submission to authority by quitting.

In addition,
Tim Wilmot states that his father was very "tight" with anger,
because as a former naval officer,
he would see it as loss of control.

So for Tim Wilmot to display very powerful anger -
even though of very brief duration,
and directed entirely safely at a bucket -
would press all of Tim Wilmot's father's buttons,
which were immediately reported to Special Branch.

Which is what made him such a good Special Branch tool -
putty in their hands.


Although Tim Wilmot knows that he did the right thing
( as it released pressure stemming directly from an evil blackmail ),
Tim Wilmot was convicted of Threats to Kill.

Tim Wilmot and his father never spoke again,
and his father died in January 2011.

Tim Wilmot believes
had he known at his trial
that the cause of his father's relentless pressure upon him to quit,
was Special Branch blackmail,

no jury would have found him guilty.

This is reinforced by the fact
that a second fabricated charge of Threats to Kill,
stemmed from the then Chairman of Caradon District Council,
Eric Distin,
who was utterly discredited.


8. so desperate were police to convict Tim Wilmot,
upon his arrest for "Threats to Kill",
his farm was searched by:-

25 officers,
4 metal detectors,
4 search dogs,
a frogman for the cesspit,
an incident wagon,
and a mobile canteen.


To sum up:-

Devon & Cornwall Police,
knowing that Caradon District council were Guilty
of a number of serious criminal offences,
set about destroying Tim Wilmot,
and burying The Truth.

Police do not deploy such massive resources
unless there is something of great value to protect.

Until Devon & Cornwall Police properly address this issue,
and admit The Truth,
Tim Wilmot suggests that D&CP deserve no respect whatsoever.

Tim Wilmot asks everyone who reads this webpage,
and who cares about the quality of policing,
to contact Stephen Otter,
Chief Constable of Devon & Cornwall Police,
and insist that police prove themselves to be accountable
to The Public who pay their wages,
and whom Devon & Cornwall Police claim to serve.

Every day that police dodge The Truth,
by hiding in bunkers like NAZIs in 1945,
The Public will know what The Truth is.

If Devon & Cornwall Police honestly believe
that none of Tim Wilmot's allegations are true
( as Detective Inspector Colin Draper's report
formally states on behalf of Devon & Cornwall Police ),
then put up,
or shut up.

Prove it!

Stop hiding behind closed doors
like scared little rabbits,
and begin acting as decent, honest human beings!

And fabricating charges to diminish or discredit Tim Wilmot,
as was the policy before,
rather than answer allegations truthfully,
would perfectly demonstrate
the moral credibility of Devon & Cornwall Police.

Zen, formerly Tim Wilmot

08 DEC 2011

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