Devon & Cornwall Police conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by FRAUDULENT report to CPS
by Detective Inspector Colin DRAPER, offences at Caradon District Council.
Alan Hartridge, 5 Victoria Ter, Liskeard, PL14 4DL, falsified planning committee minutes, and more.
A nasty, lying little shit, solicitor, Michael Tolley, wrote reports so blatantly untrue, "LIAR & PERJURER" broke him.
D&CP Special Branch destroyed me.
So I created (R)evolution concept.

Criminal allegations against
the former Caradon District Council
and Devon & Cornwall Police


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Who was Tim Wilmot in 1988?
English Earth Project

Submitting the garden centre application
Submitting the application
A Major Development in Out of Town shopping
Did the Chief Planning Officer know?
The first hurdle
My reply
Demand for sewage arrangements evaporates

Site Meeting
Withdraw and get a Landfill Gas Survey
The Landfill Gas Site Meeting, Ankers speaks
The Landfill Gas Site Meeting, Tim Wilmot speaks
Planners briefed on site meeting

The Planning Committee Meeting - 03 OCT 88
Planning Committee Tea Break - Part One
Planning Committee Tea Break - Part Two
Chief Planning Officer's deliberate misrepresentation
If misrepresentation true, why not withdrawn?
Withdrawal or deferral discussed
Chief Planning Officer continues speaking and lowers demands
Councillor Pengelly suggests deferral
Councillor Pearce proposes approval with condition on gas
Councillor Smale seconds proposal
Planning Committee Vote 16 to Nil to approve

Immediately after the Planning Committee Meeting
Tim Wilmot's position on the misrepresentation
Tim Wilmot's position on the Committee Decision
Chief Planning Officer's state of mind
Falsification of Planning Committee Minutes
Serious Criminal Offence
Planning Department "forgets" to communicate Committee decision
Importance of the first Landfill Gas letter

Times passes
Fifty Seven Days Pass
We are waiting for your Landfill Gas Survey
Tim Wilmot proposes detailed application
Neil Harvey accepts proposal
Neil Harvey's File Note

Why return to Planning Committee - 06 FEB 89?
Planners return application to Planning Committee
Tim Wilmot not informed
Planning Committee votes to Refuse

The Refusal Notice arrives
Two months pass before Refusal Notice arrives
Tim Wilmot sees Official Planning Committee Minutes
Tim Wilmot instantly realises that they have been falsified
Tim Wilmot asks to see Committee Clerk's Notes
Committee Clerk's legal position

Tim Wilmot responds
Tim Wilmot thinks carefully before writing to Chief Executive
Chief Executive's legal duty
Chief Planning Officer writes to Tim Wilmot
Tim Wilmot withdraws from a repellant energy

The Enforcement Action
Enforcement Action begins
Tim Wilmot realises he must fight, but how?
Tim Wilmot sets out battle lines
Tim Wilmot - First Affidavit DEC 89
Solicitor Linda Brown advises CPO on Affidavit
The Enforcement Action prosecution - 10 APR 90
What did Tolley do between 10 & 24 APR 90?

Two Four Hour Meetings & One Report
First Four Hour Meeting - 24 APR 90
Don't do anything hasty, Mr Wilmot
Tim Wilmot thoughts on Tolley Report 05 SEP 90
Tolley's First Report - 05 SEP 90
Tim Wilmot flays totally inadequate Tolley on phone
TW Letter to Tolley 21 SEP 90 recording second four hour meeting
TW Letter to Tolley 21SEP90 - the crux of the matter
Angry Planning Committee Chairman, Colin Breed

Secret Meeting covers-up Hartridge's crime
Tolley whitewashes Chief Planning Officer
Tolley's Second Report - 22 NOV 90
Tolley's cover-up seems set in concrete
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The Great Gas Deception revealed - JAN 91
The truth on Landfill Gas revealed

Trying to inform Councillors of the truth - FEB 91
Officers request Councillors not to reply to questions FEB 91

Caradon District Election Injunction - MAY 1991
Representation of The People Injunction
May 1991 District Council Election Injunction

Caradon Withdraws as Tim Wilmot Counterclaims - JUL 1991
The 5 Filed Charges Caradon Dared Not Answer
The Pengelly Pound
Pengelly Pound returned to Caradon

The Secret Emergency Committee corruption revealed
Caradon Ignores Outside Solicitor Backing Tim Wilmot
Secret Emergency Committee
Natural Justice - R vs Sussex Justices ex parte McCarthy

The Four Year Rule and Tim Wilmot's Dwelling - 1991
The Four Year Rule and Tim Wilmot's Dwelling

Callington Councillors Screech and Gist
try to privately prosecute Caradon -
blocked by Liskeard Magistrates Court - 1992

Statement of Cornwall County Councillor Roger Screech 1994
Screech & Gist Try To Prosecute Tolley

Police Investigation = Cover-up - 1992
Draper's Police Report Whitewash

Magistrates see no Contempt of Court - 1993
Tim Wilmot accuses Liskeard Magistrates Court of Corruption

Caradon attack Councillor Knott in Revenge - 1996
Councillor Knott Affidavit against Caradon District Council
Julie Knott tells her story
Support for the Knotts from a Calstock man
The Knotts make legal history


Comprehensive demolition of Chief Planning Officer
Chief Planning Officer's lies demolished


Chief Planning Officer, Alan Hartridge
Police Witness Statement 1992
Affidavit 1993

Solicitor, Michael Tolley
Tolley answers vital questions
Police Witness Statement 1992

Devon & Cornwall Police
OPEN LETTER to Chief Constable
Police Report to CPS 1992

Dr Ankers, Environmental Protection Officer
Police Witness Statement 1992

Gerald Pengelly, Caradon District Councillor
Police Witness Statement 1992

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